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Digital data in and out of SAGE Line 50 Accounts

What is RAS_EDI ?
RAS_EDI is the missing bit of the computer jigsaw for stationery dealers using SAGE Line 50 Accounts. 

But its not restricted to stationery dealers,  it can be used in any situation where data requires to transferred in or out of SAGE.  Contact me for more information.

RAS_EDI makes the processing of stationery dealer data in and out of SAGE: 
? Very quick
? Very easy
? Very accurate - no rekeying of information necessary

RAS_EDI processes
? Spicer Product and weekly EOS.xls files into Sage.
? VOW Product data and weekly cost price files into Sage.
? Dealer's price lists and customer special prices from Excel spreadsheet into Sage.
? Customer orders placed via OscarNet, OfficePoint and VOW Smooth-e into Sage. 
? Import from other ordering systems can be easily added.
? Spicer EDI Invoice and Credit batches into Sage (opXML format).
? VOW EDI Invoice and Credit batches into Sage (opXML format).
? Audit trail transactions from csv file - user tailorable.
? Orders held inside SAGE out to Spicer's or VOW's back office systems.
? Back to Back Orders inside SAGE - invoices or sales order to purchase orders.
Version 2012 was released in May 2012 and includes:
? A POP3 email download module.
? General purpose import modules for both product data and order data files.
? A reports module that can run quite complex bespoke reports to get data out of SAGE into csv files.
RAS_EDI continues to be developed
updates at August 2015 include:
? A new Ledger Data In module that can import sales or purchase account data into SAGE.  This new module has been added as part of a project to integrate RAS_EDI more closely with an individual client's daily order processing application.
? Batch mode operation has been enable for the Ledger Data In,  Product Data In,  Orders In and Transaction Data In modules.  This mode of operation offers existing users the facility to process their data with a single click.  However, it also permits any of the above processes to be instigated from within another application.
? A Superstat Orders In processor module has been developed but is currently waiting for Superstat to resolve VAT rounding difficulties that have emerged during testing.

Additional benefits
? Single master menu which can run all RAS_EDI tasks.
? Direct import into SAGE.
? Fast and accurate one pass import into SAGE with no re-keying of any data.
? Includes a reports module which supplements the SAGE report generator, and in particular, provides some reports that are not available or do not work properly inside SAGE.
? Can download data files directly from Spicers' and VOW's ftp servers,  downloads can be individually scheduled.

Want to know more ? - read the following pdfs or download for future reference

RAS_EDI version 2012 summary information 

Find out what's new in version 2012
Read a longer overview of how RAS_EDI version 2012 operates for stationery dealers

Use my Contact me web form to request more information.

  version 2012 was released  in May 2012

Please contact me for details.
RAS_EDI_2012 versions
 ?  Network - runs from a server
 ?  Workstation - everything on one computer.
Compatibily with SAGE
RAS_EDI is compatible with all versions of SAGE from v9 through to v23 (ie 2017)
(at April  2017)
Download page
Please note that you will require a username and password to access this download page.
Remote Support
Please go here to download our remote support tool.
SAGE 50 updates
Go to this Ask Sage page to download SAGE 50 Accounts update and patch files.
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